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As of February, 2019, here's what I am up to:

*   Serving as the Deputy to the Tsunami Program Lead at NOAA's National Weather Service Headquarters, where I work as a Contractor. I serve in four roles: 1) Technical support as National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program (NTHMP) Administrator; 2) NOAA NTHMP Grants Program Admin/Technical Lead; 3) National TsunamiReady® Program Coordinator; and 4) Deputy to the Tsunami Program Lead (the boss' go-to backup guy).

*   Serve as President of Senior Safety Saturdays, a not-for-profit organization in my home community that does minor home repairs that enable older people to live safely in their home.

*   Serving as President of the Layhill Alliance, an umbrella group serving homeowner's, civic, and community organizations in the Layhill Area of Silver Spring, Maryland. I deal with a lot of planning, zoning, and transportation issues.

*   Serving as Treasurer of the Bel Pre Estates Homeowner's Association (where I live) since 2016 (also served as President between 2000 - 2010).

*   Serving as Treasurer of Graffiti Abatement Partners, which is a non-profit organization in Montgomery County, Maryland, that works on removing and deterring the blight of graffiti around the county.

* Served the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) in various capacities on committees, including four years (2012-2014 and 2018) of the Awards & Reconition Committee, plus other professional contributions to the IAEM.

Rocky Lopes Photo *   Building and maintaining websites (self-taught). Examples include: the website you are on, Graffiti Abatement Partners, and the HOA where I live. It's a fun but time-consuming hobby!

*   Ride my Harley-Davidson Road King motorcycle. I quit my local Harley Owners Group Chapter in May, 2018, when the new owner of the sponsoring dealership (located in Montgomery County, Maryland) changed the name of our HOG Chapter to reflect the "District," which is inconsistent and ignorant of the culture of the county where I was born, raised, and have lived my whole life and not where the sponsoring dealership is located. (More detail here.)

*   Trying not to get overwhelmed with Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks. (I don't tweet and remain twitter-free). I refuse to pay outrageous fees for a dataplan, so my phone remains two cans and a string. (Honestly, I have no mobile data; you can send me a text, but don't expect me to answer!)

*   Tutor neighbors to prepare to take their United States Citizenship Test, as well as on cultural literacy matters. This is a small but important volunteer effort on my part to do my part to contribute to the vibrancy of my diverse community.

*   "Nesting". For a variety of reasons, I'm not traveling (for pleasure) any more by air, and I go stir-crazy being confined in "a cage" (what motorcyclists call a car), so any vacation time is spent these days on the saddle of my Harley-Davidson Road King instead of flying anywhere.

*   I still keep up my large large Lopes Family genealogical records.

*   I dunno, there's more... as I age, I just can't remember it all.

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